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Chakra : Sanskrit word meaning "wheels". These are subtle energy centers, extremely important for both physical and emotional well-being and spiritual growth. Each chakra is associated with specific organs and endocrine glands and vibrates at a certain frequency and color. The seven main chakras are on the center line of the body, of which the first five are in line with the spine. The Root Chakra opens downwards and the Crown Chakra opens upwards. The other five open from the front and back. to the back of the body.

Most people's chakras have an average length of 10 centimeters; in more spiritually developed people, the chakras occupy a larger area and a higher vibratory frequency.  The size and the number of vibrations of the chakras determine the quality of the energies absorbed by them from the most varied sources: energy from the Cosmos, from Nature, from the people and environment around them and from the etheric bodies.

The chakras radiate energies into the environment, and can alter the atmosphere around them; they can send out healing vibrations, conscious and unconscious messages, and influence people in both positive and negative ways. The health of an organ is seen to be dependent on the condition of its associated Chakra. A chakra can be: balanced, over-stimulated or under-stimulated.

Symptoms of blocked (understimulated) chakras:


Symptoms of overstimulated chakras:


Balancing the chakras with pendulum:

1. Ask each chakra if it is balanced;

2. For the chakra that the answer is no, ask if it is understimulated:

The. If yes - need more color; using a crystal or eating chakra-colored foods. You can also breathe in the color deeply several times. Imagining light energy spreading through the body and going to the chakra area. Hold each breath several times.

B. If you are overstimulated, you need to breathe in the chakra color immediately above what you need to balance.

Light and color. Color is a universal language that transcends the logical mind and speaks directly to the soul. Each of the seven main visible colors has therapeutic characteristics that can be linked, through their resonance, to the seven main chakras.

Colored light therapy and chromotherapy are ancient forms of natural healing. Colored rays affect the physical body, emotions, mood swings and spiritual nature. Sometimes we give ourselves a subconscious chromatic treatment by choosing clothes of certain colors.  When we start to use the magical signatures of colors, we can harness this vital force to improve our quality of life.

In some texts, the seven archangels represent the seven rays of spiritual enlightenment and the seven colors of the rainbow.


Ruby Ray: teaches to dominate the material world, helps human beings and connect with the divine order to bring harmony and world peace. It brings spirituality to our daily life.


Orange Ray : Stimulates joy, which is spiritually uplifting.


Yellow Ray: promotes enlightenment of the soul, strengthens the connection with the higher self, guides and angels. It helps the soul to recover fragments scattered due to illness or depression.


Green Ray: develops divine vision, intuition and also intuitive insights through balance and harmony. It facilitates creative visualizations and manifestation techniques.


Blue Ray: Inspires you to seek higher truth and hidden knowledge. The Blue Ray represents the power and will of God and has the power of faith and protection. It helps to develop the determination to renounce our will in favor of God's higher will, so it can be used to develop devotion.


Indigo Ray: Astral antiseptic, which cleanses negative thought forms. Allows subtle impressions to be registered, aids telepathic ability, intuition, clairvoyance and clairaudience.


Violet Ray: inspires, releases imagination, helps meditation, increases psychic abilities and develops intuition. It encourages spiritual dedication and provokes meaningful dreams. It cleanses and purifies anything it touches, making this ray a complete healer for soul and body.

White Ray: promotes spiritual growth. It prepares the “physical” chakras to correspond to states of spiritual enlightenment.

Soul Star Chakra – is located about six inches from the top of the head. Contains information about your soul. After this chakra is activated by Archangel Metatron, the process known as "lightbody activation", an "ascension into cosmic consciousness" or enlightenment begins.


Pink Ray: Opens the heart chakra to develop healing gifts. It attracts soul mates, people with whom you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings. It prepares you to receive Christ consciousness, the Holy Spirit.


Turquoise Ray: expands our spiritual horizons and overcomes life's obstacles. Purifies the throat chakra. It favors channeling and communication with spirit guides and angels.


Lilac Ray: helps with astral travel, in alternate states of reality in deep meditation. Links you to the angelic realm. Dispels spiritual illnesses and old patterns of karma.

Angelic Chakra: One of the chakras above the Third Eye chakra – Fifth Eye chakra. When awakened and fully activated, it not only allows you to become the master of your own destiny, it also provides deep contact with the angels in daily life.

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