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Archangels are angels from a higher dimension. They are mentioned in Christian, Islamic, and Hebrew records, or more specifically, in the Bible, Quran, and Kabbalah. In charge of everything that happens on Earth, archangels bring meaning, meaning and purpose to life.




The most important of all angels in Christian, Jewish and Islamic traditions.

It works non-stop with the aim of creating a world of peace and harmony. His name can mean “who is like God”, “who is like God? ”, “who is like God” or “who is like the Lord”.

Usually appears with a sword, or carrying scales of justice.

Gives courage and protection; eliminates negativity; makes the truth count; gives integrity, courage and strength.

It gives emotional protection against abusive relationships and protection against psychic attacks. It gives courage to face obstacles and challenges.


Crystals linked to Miguel: blue, yellow and gold.

Sapphire - purifies and restores the soul. It helps to relax and meditate.

Lapis lazuli - helps in spiritual development and enhances intuition, especially clairaudience. Take away fears, doubts and worries.

Aquamarine - enhances creativity and perception.

Turquoise - protective amulet; gives confidence and enthusiasm.

Blue Topaz - Provides inspiration and helps resolve emotional issues.

Yellow topaz - enhances creativity and concentration


Rituals to contact Miguel

Crystal: Sit comfortably in a place where you won't be interrupted. Dress comfortably. Place the crystal in the palm of your left hand and place the back of that hand in the palm of your right hand. Hold the crystal in your lap or at the level of your navel.

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Then think of the crystal in your left hand. See what energies and thoughts come to you. Observe the sensations that the crystal gives you. As soon as you're ready, ask Miguel to stay with you. Concentrate and wait for a signal from Miguel. With Michael coming, you can mentally ask for anything you want. At the end, thank him, take a deep breath and thank him. Open your eyes.

Pendulum : for this practice you should already be familiar with the use of the pendulum. When starting ask Miguel if he is already with you. The answer should be positive, otherwise, wait a little longer. If the answer is positive, ask the question, which should be as objective as possible.



Unlike the other archangels, Uriel's name is not mentioned in the Bible, but he is just as important as the other archangels. His name means "God is light" or "Fire of God". Also known as Auriel, the Archangel of Light.

Archangel of Earth for his involvement and connection with the planet, he is the guardian of the spirits of nature - the gnomes, sylphs, nereids, salamanders, fairies and elves who live in the elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

It brings tranquility, releases the pain and trauma of the past. Provides the gift of prophecy, ideas and inspiration. Also known as the Angel of Transformation, as he is able to transform situations and give us a new perspective. It helps with the need to serve or help others and to develop your psychic and intuitive abilities.

It is usually depicted carrying a flame. The flame of eternal love.


Crystals linked to Uriel - gold, purple, silver, indigo, blue, orange and red.

Amethyst - turns negative thoughts into positive ones and increases intuition. It grants serenity, tranquility and peace of mind to whoever wears it or carries it.

Bloodstone - healing stone, calms the body, mind and emotions.

Carnelian - motivating stone, balances emotions.

Rose Quartz - calming stone that eliminates negative emotional energy.

Tourmaline - is a crystal that refuses to accept negativity. It is wonderful to use as it gives you the feeling of well being centered, strong, in control and relaxed.


Ritual to contact Uriel

Quartz Crystal : Uriel likes quartz crystals. Place the crystal in your hands and caress it slowly. Take several deep breaths and ask Uriel to come to you. Observe and feel Uriel's presence.



He is known as the "divine doctor". His name means "God heals". It is responsible for wholeness, unity and all forms of healing, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Your task is to heal the wounds of humanity.

Helps anyone with a desire to learn. It can help to assimilate knowledge and relieve stress and tension, always related to exams. Helps restore balance and harmony to life. It aids in all forms of healing.


Ritual to contact Raphael

Color Breathing: Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Visualize yourself surrounded by beautiful white light. Let it gradually change to perfect gold. Take a deep breath and inhale as much of the golden energy as possible. Hold your breath for a few seconds and release it slowly. Breathe in the golden energy twice more and then let the gold gradually transform into the most beautiful green you have ever seen. Breathe in this green energy three times, always holding the breath before letting it out. After that let it go back to the initial white light.


Crystals linked to Raphael: green gemstones

Aventurine - frees you from stress, anxiety and fear.

Chrysoprase - increases discernment, self-knowledge and perception of those who use it.

Emerald - increase intellect, improve memory and purify thoughts. They are seen as protective amulets and divert negative energies to the place of origin.

Green Jade - helps in curing all lower abdomen problems including kidney problems.

Green Jasper - promotes confidence and self-esteem, increases love, affection and intuitive awareness.

Amber - purifies the mind, body and spirit, while drawing and eliminating negativity.

Beryl - brings discernment, truth, sincerity and a desire to learn.

Citrine - eliminates negativity and promotes physical well-being.  It protects the one who uses it from dangers in travel.

Carnelian - stabilizes emotions, increases love between family members and encourages clear thinking.



It is considered the messenger of important events. The most famous was when he visited Mary and told her to prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ. Appeared to Daniel to help him understand the symbolism of his dreams. He is considered the archangel of dreams, premonitions and clairvoyance.

He is associated with the water element, which makes him the archangel of streams, rivers, seas and oceans. As water and the moon symbolize emotions, Gabriel is also the archangel of emotions.


It brings joy, love, happiness and hope to the human race.  It helps when someone feels discouraged, doubtful, or fearful, or wants guidance, intuition, or purification. Gives advice in the form of dreams and visions. It helps to grow in knowledge and wisdom. Spiritual growth and development progresses faster. For practical skills such as tarot reading, people turn to Uriel, but they turn to Gabriel to help them develop clairvoyance and premonition in the form of dreams.


Crystals linked to Gabriel

Lapis lazuli - close connection with Gabriel

Aquamarine - stone of clarity

Blue topaz - brings guidance and inspiration. It helps to transform unwanted thought patterns and release emotionally.

Moonstone - white is the best shade; helps develop psychic abilities or if you are seeking visions of angelic guidance.


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