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Angels are beings composed of spirit. The word angel derives from " angelos" , which in Greek means "messenger". They are like a channel between God and the material world. The most common form of appearance is as a beautiful being, with robes, a halo and wings, but they can appear any way they wish. They are energies in a higher vibration than ours. While the vast majority cannot see them through sight and hearing, some can feel them. All are filled with compassion and unconditional love. The way in which the first contacts with the angels happen are varied. Some have the gift of clairvoyance and can see them in human form or in the form of light. Others cannot see them but can feel them as an enormous sense of well-being and a joy that cannot be explained. They can communicate with us through dreams, intuition and small errands that often go unnoticed. The task of the angels is, then, to make us awaken to the inner light and to the divine potentialities that exist in each of us.

But what is the role of angels in our world? Angels treat humanity as a whole and watch over entire nations, but they are willing to help anyone who asks for their help. They want to help us to be happy, to find the essence of our existence, to evolve spiritually. They are always by our side taking care of us and waiting for us to ask for help. They are  always ready. The fascination with angels increases every day. Stories about angelic interventions are very frequent. Interest in angels transcends languages, cultures and borders. Why do so many people like you and me want angels to be a part of our lives?  The number of angelic contact stories has increased a lot, due to a large number of people detaching themselves from material life and getting closer to God. Connecting with angels offers the opportunity to gain wisdom, increase self-knowledge and overcome obstacles through contact with your inner light, the direct path to God. To integrate  body, mind and spirit in a cohesive entity, raises our vibratory frequency and allows us to evolve spiritually, more and more.


How to establish contact with angels? In order to initiate contact with these enlightened beings, it is necessary to clean the environment where you live. Donate everything you no longer use. Let the sunlight penetrate your home, illuminating and purifying every bit of it. Try listening to soft music to raise the vibrations of the house. You don't need to have great gifts for angels to communicate with us. Angel assistance is always within our reach, all we have to do is ask for help. The perception of the presence of angels can take many forms: a sweet fragrance that spreads in the air; a feeling of immense peace; light irradiation; perception of a light while meditating, even with eyes closed. Angels can also demonstrate their presence through wing-shaped clouds, white feathers, the word “angel” through radio or television music, and angel-shaped gifts. Among the most powerful tools you can use to attract the help of angels are delicate fragrances in the form of essential oils. The aroma is a subtle form of communication, which elevates our consciousness, as it contains the soul of the plant. By appealing to our sense of smell, plants communicate with us on a deep level.


There are several ways to use essential oils:

Massage – relaxes the physique, relieving stress and tension.

Bath – sharpens the senses and helps us to tune in to subtle energies.

Diffusers – heat the essential oils and release aroma molecules into the atmosphere.


Invoking the Angels - Angels respond to God's call and cannot interfere with our free will. When invoking them, we need to have love and humility in our hearts. Ask what you want, as long as it doesn't interfere with anyone's free will, and the angels will answer. Meditation is the most common way to transport us to the angelic world. Before communicating with the angels it is necessary to know what affirmation is. During our day, we make a series of positive and negative affirmations. Remember, the universe doesn't know the word NO. Whatever you ask with the word NO in the sentence, the universe interprets the sentence without the NO. Never underestimate the power of words. Know two angelic affirmations: “I allow higher states of angelic consciousness to manifest in my life” and “In happy communion, my angels guide me daily”.

Set up an altar for the angels – create an environment so you can connect with the angels. It will be a place where you can calm your mind and open your heart to the angels. Through meditation, ask the angels to help you set up your altar. Don't distrust your intuition. The chosen objects should leave you full of love and open to angelic virtues. You can choose from: incense, candles, bells, images of angels, etc. Caution: despite being offered to angels, never leave candles lit in places that are not under your attention.


Angels in everyday life – angels can help us in various spheres of our life, but we must always ask for positive things, otherwise angels will not answer.

Problems in love – Archangel Chamuel, will make your day more harmonious.

Healing – Archangel Raphael. Invoke him to guide the hands of doctors or healthcare professionals.

Travel – Archangel Michael protects from physical dangers.

Parking – ask the angels to help you find parking spaces in safe places.

Kitchen – the angels will be happy to help you with creative experiments. The angel Isda will bless your food.

Lost Objects – Ask the angel Rochel to help you find the lost object.

Exams – call on Archangel Jophiel to enlighten you so you can pass the exams.


Angelic Beings – In heaven there are various orders of angelic beings. The Old Testament referred to Angels, Archangels, Seraphim and Cherubim. St. Paul in the New Testament speaks of Principalities, Thrones, Forces, Dominations and Powers. Then Pope Gregory declared that there are nine orders of angels in heaven – the five on St Paul's list plus the Angels, Archangels, Cherubim and Seraphim. Dionysus, a 16th century scholar. V, already described those orders. Between Heaven and Earth there are three levels or spheres of angelic influence.


First sphere - contains the three orders closest to God. Here are the Seraphim, the Cherubim and the Thrones.


Seraphim - the highest order of angels. They have the power to cleanse us with lightning and flame. After God they are the most light-filled beings in creation. Ruled by Archangel Seraphiel – Prince of Peace – and Archangel Metatron.

Cherubim – are the closest beings to God after the Seraphim. They carry the energy of the Sun, Moon and stars. Ruled by: Zophiel, Ophaniel, Rikhiel, Cherubiel, Raphael and Gabriel.

Thrones - are always in the presence of God. They hold the energy of God in the form of divine justice – they pass the will of God on to the guardian angels. Ruled by: Tzaphzkiel, Zadkiel, Raziel, Jophiel and Oriphiel.


Second sphere – contains the following three orders:


Dominions – This order oversees the lowest angelic hierarchy and serves as a channel for the love of God through the energy of mercy, the power to rule without oppressing. Ruled by: Zadkiel, Muriel, Yahariel and Hashmal.

Virtues – suspend the laws of nature and work miracles on Earth. They bestow grace and bravery upon mortals who need inspiration and courage. Ruled by: Uriel, Cassiel and Gabriel.

Powers – also known as Authorities, Powers and Dynamos – protect our soul and are the keepers of the akashic records. Keep the demons under control. Conducted by: Chamuel, Sammael, Camael, Ertosi and Verchiel.


Third sphere – contains the last orders:


Principalities or Principalities - are the guardians of nations and overseers of the works of angels. They oversee countries, cities and holy places. They guide religions and religious leaders in the path of truth. They work with guardian angels to inspire us. Ruled by: Haniel, Anael, Cerviel and Requel.

Archangels – also known as Regent Angels. The Book of Enoch names the seven as Uriel, Raguel, Gabriel, Michael, Seraqael, Haniel, and Raphael. They control and harmonize all of God's creation. They control the movement of the stars, the seasons and the Earth's waters, as well as plant and animal life. It keeps a record of all incarnations of human beings. They are messengers of divine decrees. They make God's will be done.

Angels – there are millions of angels helping us in our tasks. They are guardians of all physical things and people. Everything is under the care of the angels, who radiate harmony and cosmic beauty into our lives. There are angels of love, joy, courage, peace, hope, faith, freedom and harmony.

Guardian Angels


These angels protect, guide and strengthen us against the forces of evil. We all have a guardian angel who is always with us. He accompanies us from the first incarnation and accompanies us throughout all incarnations. Most people first come into contact with the angelic realm through their guardian angel. This experience most often happens in times of extreme danger, grief, despair, or illness.  Our guardian angel never interferes with our free will. Free will is life's most sacred gift; it is what allows us to choose at every moment whether we want to tune our conscience with good or evil. The role of angels is to inspire us to take action and at other times they give us superhuman strength or intuition that guides us safely and prevents possible disasters.


kingdom of elementals


They are the magical spirits of nature and create abundance and harmony on Earth when they are respected and recognized. Planet Earth is a living being that also evolves through the life of the creatures it nourishes. The elementals work together with the angels of the sacred places, helping us to understand the importance of the correlation between the phases of the Moon, the tides and the seasons.

Earth Elementals - Fairies, elves, gnomes, and elves are Earth spirits who rule over flowers, plants, trees, soil, sand, and crystals. They show how we can nourish ourselves and live in abundance in balance and harmony. This means living responsibly towards all life on the planet.

Water Elementals - Mermaids and Undines are water spirits who rule over and care for the creatures that inhabit this realm. They help us to purify and balance our emotions.

Fire Elementals - Salamanders are fire spirits who guard the secrets of fire energy. They teach us about the dynamic energy of our life force. Fire purifies, burns and destroys the obsolete so that the new can emerge. Air elementals - sylphs take our hearts to angels. They sharpen our mind, intuition, communication and creative imagination, as well as moments of inspiration.

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